Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Little Sculpin

Little Sculpin tied by Steven Bird

Sculpin (Cottidae) inhabit virtually every trout stream in North America. There are numerous species, though all are similar & easily identified by the proportionately large head & pectoral fins. Sculpin come in shades of olive or brown with darker mottling or bars on the body & speckled on the fins & head. Some species may grow to about six inches long, though most will be shorter than four inches, & there are many species measuring only two inches at maturity. The smaller models seem to be the most plentiful in the streams I fish, & the Little Sculpin pattern featured here is meant to cover those.  It is an easy choice when I want to swing a streamer on unfamiliar water, as it simulates a major food form that larger trout are used to preying on &, for that reason, I’ve found it a good choice on hard-fished water.

Little Sculpin

Colorations vary, the pattern given here is a generic version, but colors can be adjusted to suit specific waters.

Hook: #8-#10 TMC 200R or TMC 2312

Thread: Olive, brown or black

Tailing: In order tied in: small pinch of light tan marabou; small pinch of brown marabou; one olive & one brown partridge hackle, wound as a collar, then pulled back over the tailing & tied down

Rib: Copper wire

Body: Dyed brown or dark olive hare’s mask with guard hairs, wound in a dubbing loop

Hackle: Partridge, one olive & one brown – wind on the entire feather for as much collar as possible

Head: Body dubbing, full, on dubbing loop – & finish

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