Saturday, December 24, 2016

Winter Solstice

   Yuletide, & I’ve been trying to get this written, but my Norwegian Christmas Nut wife is going at it with pagan intensity, the baked goods are hitting the table, & I’m on it, but she has the vibe in the house so abustle the atmosphere is jangling & ding-donging to distraction.

I’m wading through.

No shortage of snow this year. A gift to all of us living in trout country. It’s a good time of year to contemplate blessings. Priceless gifts.

Columbia River men, Jack Mitchell & Jeff Cottrell. Think these guys
are fun to fish with? Look at their faces.  

And memories.  Thinking back on this past season & all the great people I had the pleasure to fish with. And all the friends I’ve met through Soft~Hackle Journal. Talented & engaged anglers who recognize & love what is truly valuable in our game. It is compatriots, & the memories they create, that enrich a life & make importance. Don’t want to forget any of you.

UC master guide, CJ Emerson sporting the latest in UC  guide wear.

So I’m on a new regime:

Greasing the Muse

Getting forgetful? Do you find yourself facing a new year with faculties not quite what they were last year? Muse leaving you dry?

Maybe it’s time to apply some lubricant.

Recent dietary research claims a breakthrough: Three tablespoons of raw coconut oil per day, taken by mouth, will serve to improve brain function and keep synapses snappy. Squirting freely. Not only that, but the same dose is said to offset or actually reverse the affects of senile dementia. That’s right, REVERSE. (Bill, Mark, Jeff, Jack… you reading?)

Coconut oil. Simple as that. Three tablespoons a day and the creative/perceptive center of your brain swings open like a barn door.


Worth a try. If nothing else your hair and skin will improve and you’ll poop better.

You’re gonna love this. Bought a gallon last week. I figure another week on the coconut oil & my keyboard should be shooting – click, click, click-click-click, clickety click – like a vaselined machine gun.

“I can’t really explain where that writing came from. I ate magical grease.” ~Steve    

We be fountains!