Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brown Bunny Soft-Hackle Nymph

Brown Bunny tied by Steven Bird
     Back in the day, way back, when I was a young flyfisher sampling the local brook with an old window screen, I couldn’t help but notice that brown is the dominant coloration of most nymphs inhabiting running water. And, of those shades of brown, chestnut-brown (reddish-brown) is a prevalent shade. I needed a basic-brown all-purpose nymph. A nondescript brown nymph to simulate the spectrum of brown nymphs. I tied the originals with some chestnut raccoon that had once been a collar on my grandmother's coat, & those fit the bill & became one of my bread & butter patterns. Then I ran out of the raccoon & acquired a dyed chestnut-brown hare’s mask, tried that, & found the result just as good if not better (good ol' hare's mask). This is a basic anywhere, & it is a good big-fish fly tied in sizes to simulate larger mayflies, stoneflies & emerging sedges. I usually weight this one with lead or copper wire wound under the thorax, & often fish it as a heavily leaded depthcharge (#6-#10), trailing a smaller unweighted nymph -- a potent combination for prospecting freestone streams.

Brown Bunny

Hook: #6-#18 

Thread: Rusty-brown or camel

Tails: 3 or 4 pheasant tail fibers (optional)

Ribbing: Copper wire wound over the abdomen (olive or chartreuse wire make good versions as well

Abdomen: Chestnut-brown hare's mask with guard hairs on claret (wine) dubbing loop

Thorax: Chestnut brown hare's mask    

Hackle: Mottled brown hen, grouse or partridge – & finish

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