Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bunny & Tinsel Leech

     Leeches found in Northwest lakes are smallish, an inch & under, for the most part. Simple mini-leech patterns have become staples for lake fishing in my neighborhood – a favorite alternative for midge anglers who like to fish small stuff – & tiny leeches can be fished all the ways that one might fish a midge larva.

I like to fish these when trout are fairly shallow – 10 feet deep or less – using a floating line with 15 foot fluoro leader. Dress the leader with a sink potion. The floating line is the indicator. Trout often hit the leech on the sink, so I watch the line for a tell-tale wake. A hand-twist retrieve with pauses is good. Several short, rapid strips, then a long pause, often turns the trick.

The Bunny & Tinsel Leech recipe given here can be tied with any tinsel coloration. Also makes an excellent bluegill fly.

Bunny & Tinsel Leech
Hook: #12 Daiichi 1150

Thread: Grey UNI 8/0

Underbody: Blue mylar tinsel (or choice) -- coat with Loon Hard Head or thick dope

Overbody: Pinch of black rabbit fur taken from a strip (guard & underfur), tied in as a wing & pushed down around the sides of the hook shank (tinsel should show through), extending back about twice the length of the hook

Hackle: Dark bronze hen (starling or dyed-black soft hackle can substitute) – & finish.

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