Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pinky ~ A Yarn Body Flymph

     When fishing the water in the season of small flies, we choose a fly pattern which will serve to simulate at least a few of the available food items. Much of what the trout are eating are emerging sedge & mayfly nymphs, & the preponderance of these are #14 to #18 in size – & in some locations insects smaller than #18 are important. If you look closely at the abdomens of sedge pupa & mayfly nymphs, you may notice a pinkish-tan coloration or a slight pink blush, particularly on the lighter underside of some. Pink is an attractive color to trout, known to be a ‘reaction’ color to rainbow & cutthroat. So my idea was to create an all-purpose flymph in an all-purpose shape & size that might look attractive wearing pink. This one has been working out & getting a lot of play lately.


Hook: #14 Daiichi 1150 – this makes about a standard #16 fly, & I’ll sometimes downsize the fly to about #17-#18, using the #14 hook

Thread: Rust-brown UNI 8/0

Abdomen: Medium-light rusty-pink yarn (earthy-pink, not fluorescent) – a single strand separated from the hank – after tying in, twist counter-clockwise before winding, which will give a segmented effect to the finished abdomen

Thorax: Dyed-brown hare’s mask dubbing – wind a short thorax

Hackle: Brahma hen (brown partridge can substitute) ~ & finish.

Flyfish NE Washington with Steven Bird:


  1. Such an easy tie. Will take some to WY in Oct with Ron.


  2. Might work. Worked very well on the Kettle & UC this late summer.

    Better bring some October Caddis as well.

    Tell uncle Ron I say hello. Looking forward to getting my ass kicked by him again.