Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cedar Lake Dragon

     Dragonfly nymphs are a primary food source in virtually all of the trout lakes in my neighborhood, & I like to dredge the lakes, so I’m always messing around with approaches to simulating the big nymphs. The Carey Special style, in its many variants, originated in my region & the style works well here for lake-dwelling rainbows. My idea with the Cedar Lake Dragon is to achieve a bit more realism in the design employing a natural color scheme, highlighting the stippled barring of the natural nymphs using an over-body of olive-dyed mallard flank. 

Cedar Lake Dragon

Hook: #4-#8 TMC 200R 

Thread: Olive

Rib: Chartreuse or olive wire wound over the body

Body: Mix of dark & light olive rabbit dubbing, not blended too much, should look blotchy, mix in some chopped olive midge flash, dubbed on a loop of the tying thread

Over-body: Dyed olive mallard flank tied in as a clump wing – extending slightly beyond the hook bend – top with a couple strands of olive midge flash           

Hackle: Pheasant rump – mix 3 hackles of varied colorations ~ & finish.

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  1. Do I detect shades of the innovative pattern, The Magoo, in this Cedar Lake fly?

  2. Barry, there is a family resemblance. The Magoo gets around. And there is no denying the Magoo is innovative...