Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hairwings For Trout ~ Messenger

     I’ve found that trout, generally, like a somewhat less flashy attractor pattern than their sea-run cousins. Still, they do appreciate a detail or two, something added to the fly so that the trout “might enjoy & appreciate it”, as Big Jim Leisenring prescribes.


Hook: #8-#12 TMC 200R

Thread: Wine UNI 8/0

Tail: Crimson cock hackle

Body: Black rabbit with guard hair, mixed with crimson chopped angel hair tinsel, dubbed on a loop of the tying thread

Wing: Black calf tail topped with four red mallard flank fibers – I pair the mallard fibers & tie one each side of the wing

Hackle: Natural black/bronze hen  


  1. It's a soft hackle . . . that happens to have a hairy protrusion called a "wing". Feel free to post it in the Cabin until someone in authority tells you otherwise.

    — An appreciator, not an Inquisitor

  2. Swellcat, I agree. And I would even go so far as to say the simulative type are a 'flymph', by Pete Hidy's definition.

    You are an appreciator. And I detect, & appreciate, your developed sense of irony. No worries, I feel free & am having fun. Thanks for reading me. Please keep me in the creative loop.

    ~Your Compatriot