Thursday, July 23, 2015

Riff on the Landlocked Salmon Isonychia

Landlocked Salmon Isonychia tied by Mark Hagopian
     The Relentless One, SHJ New England Liason, Mark Hagopian, offers us this take on the Landlocked Salmon Isonychia pattern tied by William, of the FlySpoke blog. William’s version calls for a body of red thread, which might be okay if one has William’s particular (unspecified) brand of red thread, ensuring it will turn the right color when wet. Mark, wisely, to my thinking, substitutes Pearsol’s Claret Silk, a proven match for Isonychia, in tying this version. This one speaks to me in that way good patterns do. And even though Isonychia doesn’t occur in my home water, I’m going to tie some & add them to my box just so I can look at them. I like the way the silk is built up through the thorax area to create the classic Isonychia silhouette. And I see this design approach lending itself to simulating emergers, cripples & drowned adults of a number of medium sized mayflies.

Beautiful pattern , Mark. Thanks for sharing it.

Landlocked Salmon Isonychia

Hook: #10 Orvis Tactical Barbless

Thread: Pearsall’s Claret Silk

Tail: lemon wood duck – curved upward

Body: Pearsall’s Claret Silk – build up through the thorax area

Wing: lemon wood duck – curved upward

Hackle: partridge center feather – one turn ~ & finish.        

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