Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Fight For Public Lands

   The photo on the left is the American Reach segment of the Columbia River, in NE Washington. You, along with your fellow citizens, own it. The fishing is good, & you can fish it where you please. You also own most of the land you see in the picture. It's good land, supporting a lot of wildlife. The hunting is good, & you may hunt it where you please. It is a source of real wealth. People come to enjoy it, hire local guides & spend money at local businesses. You can't see them in the photo, but there are several mines (yes, you can stake a claim) there, & these provide raw materials & jobs. Sometimes portions of it need to be logged, so the timber is put up for bid, & anybody can bid on it, & that provides jobs too. Also, a lot of the people who live in the area burn wood to keep their homes warm in the winter, & if you need some wood, for a couple bucks you can get a permit & a map showing you where to cut it. As the extractive interests operating there are under the purview of law regarding safe practices, they are kept in balance (ideally) with the rest of the picture. You can see by the photo that this land is very well taken care of, & its maintenance also provides a lot of local jobs. We take care of it & it takes care of us. That's how commonwealth works.

Now, suppose Congress was to sell everything in this picture to Exxon or Saudi Arabia? Just to name a couple interests who would like to purchase it (& no, you won't see any of the money from the sale). Well, that is the reality confronting us right now. With all the other crap going down, the mainstream media is giving this far too little attention. Thankfully an astute Montana hunter, Randy Newberg, has been working hard to bring this dissembling movement to light. And thanks to Orvis for taking up this fight, in my opinion the most important fight of our lifetimes. Here is an in-depth account of what is going down. I hope everybody will read this & react:



  1. Steve, I can certainly appreciate the urgency and necessity for everyday vigilance . Personally, I gotta be honest, it is starting to get a little overwhelming ! President Bannon and his sidekick Trump are certifiable . . . so why hasn't anyone begun the certification process? Surely there is at least a hint of evidence to give reasonable doubt as to Their Sanity !
    THIS - SOFT-HACKLE JOURNAL - used to be a place I Really Enjoyed visiting and sharing fly fishing stuff . What happened ? Perhaps a LINK to a Blog of Your Other Passion (mine and many other readers) could give all the option ! Most would also check out the "War On Conservation" Front, but at least it would "feel" a bit more inviting - of course that would mean your "work load" would double. Writing on the Fly tying/fishing in the 'Soft-Hackle' & Political Firestorm in (?) 'Hard-Cider' !
    I see you've added a new link (Red Truck website). Guess you tested and LIKE the Rod a wee bit !?
    Hopefully we'll see that here soon enough ?
    Decided I AM taking a break from getting myself "riled-up" about politics . May not even read all the bullshit that comes out of D.C. or the State's ! I will still enjoy the comedic approach, it keeps me informed yet doesn't tend to get the blood boiling . I do enjoy Keith O., he has a certain way of laying it out there . Maybe its my recent visiting of Faux (Fox) News since the election - just to get their perspective . An eye opener for sure, same ole, same ole ! Well Steve, maybe we (I) can look forward to a Soft-Hackle-ish" entry soon ? That is all I got . . . for now, and for awhile (politically).

  2. ps; again . Weird that I come here today and not see the "reply" I added to my own "thoughtless" entry of last evening (above). In it, shortly after seeing my "audacity" of trying to invoke my own selfish needs, I wrote a short public apology to you, for doing so ! ?. I do commend you for trying to "keep a local-ish" point of reference on these National issues (in fact Worldly issues). It's just that the onslaught has gotten a bit much of me lately - it just keeps coming and coming and we're not even a month into a 4 year migraine ! That is all I got . . . for awhile, Lou