Friday, December 27, 2013

Northern Girl ~ A Winter Nymph

Northern Girl tied by Steven Bird
     It is true that pre-spawn rainbow & cutthroat develop a propensity to put brightly colored things in their mouths. Flies tied with purple, chartreuse, blue, & particularly ‘egg colors’, shades of pink, orange & red, are likely attractors in winter. Color preferences might vary according to location, yet pink seems to have universal appeal, particularly to rainbow trout. The Northern Girl is an enticing combination of attractive pink & the yummy natural nymph coloration hare’s mask provides. 

Northern Girl

Hook: #12-#14 TMC 200R

Thread: Wine

Rib: Copper wire

Body: Natural hare’s mask dubbed on loop of tying thread

Back/Tail: Section of pink yarn, tied in ahead of the body, then pulled back & held in place over the top of the hook shank while the rib is wound forward over it – trim to a short ‘tail’ (I prefer a regular pink yarn, not hot pink) 

Hackle: Furnace hen ~ & finish 

Flyfish NE Washington with Steven Bird:

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