Thursday, January 9, 2014

Resolutions & Brown Hare’s Mask & Plover

Brown Hare's Mask & Plover tied by Steven Bird 

     Since the advent of this new year I’ve been considering some resolutions for 2014. Not many, the list is short. Actually, quite a bit shorter than it was at the beginning of the month directly following the hangover resulting from the New Year’s Eve celebration at Happy Jack’s Tavern. Nonetheless, I’m feeling squared away at this point, & those things remaining on the list of resolutions might represent the nuggets left in the pan after the overburden is washed away. Here they are:

1)    Fish the Brown Hare’s Mask & Plover more often. (Sure, the hackles are rare & difficult to obtain, I have a wing & a portion of hide given to me by Bert Brehm & those hackles are begging to be fished. Well, most of them. Maybe half of them.) 
2)    Write better.
3)    Learn people better.
4)    Wear clean clothes & look decent.
5)    Let go.
6)    Dance better.
7)    Take better care of teeth.
8)    Take better photos.
9)    Stay glad.

Of course I’m reserving the right to change my mind on any of it. Flexibility is a virtue, after all.

Brown Hare’s Mask & Plover

Hook: #12-#16 (flies in the photo are tied on #16 Daiichi 1150)

Thread: Yellow

Rib: Gold wire

Body: Dyed brown hare’s mask

Hackle: Golden Plover (English grouse or sharptail grouse are fair substitutes) 

 Flyfish NE Washington with Steven Bird:


  1. Re your New Year Resolution:

    It is still not too late to change colors (as do the seasons, it's simply "natchul ma man") and ditch San Francisco and become a Seahawk fan. Up here the green and blue is flying high and proud underneath the US flag on all the Washington State ferries. I have even tied a SeaHawk color inspired steelhead fly I proudly sport on my UnderArmour baseball cap and that grants me 10% off on many purchases.

    Up here the day following the mayhem a teacher asked her class what 1 + 2 equals. The kids stood up and cheered in unison: "12th Man."

  2. Hey far be it from me to bust anybody's kabuki bubble. Rah for the home team.

    San Francisco?... UnderArmour baseball cap?...

    Go Patriots!